What is the Importance of Creativity in Our Church Today?


Nik Goodner Writer + Creator of CRTVCHURCH

Published 07/19/18


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What is the importance of creativity in our church today?

First things first, we don’t define ‘creativity’ as just ‘art.’ Likewise, we don’t define ‘creatives/creators’ to the limited scope of ‘designers, artist, photographers, etc.’

That said, we define ‘creativity’ as ‘beautiful solutions to complex problems’ and ‘creatives/creators’ as ‘problem solvers’

Christ said, ‘blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the sons and daughters of GOD.’ (Matthew 5:9)

What does a ‘peacemaker’ do? They solve problems.

In effect, Jesus called every son and daughter of GOD to utilize ‘creativity.’, because without it we are a messed up people, in a messed up world, doing nothing, but living in our mess.

Creativity challenges us to change our environment and bring a glimpse of heaven to our world.

The Jewish people had a term for this, ‘Tikkun Olam’ which means ‘repairers of creation.’

We are all called to be peacemakers, problem solvers, repairers of creation… We are called to be creative.




Nik Goodner

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