The New Trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story is Here

I love you… I know.


Han Solo is getting his own movie. That’s right, they’ve finally smuggled this gem to the big screen.

Here is the first full-length teaser trailer:

Solo: A Star Wars Story has been littered with controversy for some time now. From director snafus to sources claiming Disney executives are prepping for the film to bomb.

The fact that they’ve waited until now even to give fans a glimpse of actual footage is a little off-putting.

But, alas here we are, and the trailer feels exciting?

And, while it does give me the feels, there are some hesitations I would like to share:

1. The look of Lando Calrissian played by Donald Glover is spot on, the reservations for this writer come in the voice. I think they intentionally kept him quiet throughout the teaser trailer because they knew they couldn’t match the sound of Billy Dee Williams, the original actor behind Lando Calrissian.
2. Alden Ehrenreich’s performance as Han Solo no longer looks promising. He has big shoes to fill – I’m assuming Harrison Ford wears a size thirteen – and I don’t think he’s measuring up. His facial expressions are not Han Solo-y, and the voice is not there.
3. Woody Harrelson felt out of place. He looked like he stepped off the set of the Hunger Games and straight into Star Wars, which made me twitch.

However, what this movie seems to be lacking in performances, I think it will make up for in visuals + music. A synthesized version of John Williams’ Star Wars Theme is what we’ve been waiting to have. And, the shot of the Star Destroyer heading through a funnel of lightning is breathtaking, not to mention the new locations and worlds.

All in all, they’ll still get my money.

Solo: A Star Wars Story was directed by Ron Howard and written by Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote three other films in the franchise, and Jon Kasdan.

Howard took over as director in August when Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired after clashing with Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy and co-writer/executive producer Kasdan.

The movie hits theaters on May 25.


Nik Goodner

Content creator + founder of CRTVCHURCH


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