The Social Media Statuses Churches Really Want to Post

Jonathan Malm
Owner of Church Stage Design Ideas + Sunday Social

Published 03/12/18

M y buddy Joe Cavazos and I run a business called SundaySocial.tv. We make social media graphics for churches to use. I have the privilege of deciding which images we create.

Now, having worked at churches, I know what church communicators want to say to their churches on social media. I also know, though, that they shouldn’t be that honest. So I don’t get to make a lot of the visual ideas that pop into my head.

Thanks to CRTVCHURCH, though, they’re giving you and me an outlet for those brutally honest social media posts. Check them out and enjoy.


1. We Can See You.




2. Stop Complaining

3. Like… Learn Some New Songs… For Real.



4. Love The Cross… Just Not Too Much.



6. Sorry For The Language…

7. The Mayo Is Strong With This One


8. Please Don’t Be Weird…


If you were offended by that, please start a petition at Change.org. On the other hand, if you found them funny, share this article with a friend. Then visit the CRTVTALKS Facebook Group and share what you wish you could post on your church’s social media feeds.




Jonathan Malm

Jonathan runs ChurchStageDesignIdeas.com and speaks to churches all over the world about creativity. He is the author of “The Hidden Option,“ a book that helps believers find God’s creativity in impossible situations.


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