Luke McElroy: What are some things you see as you look to the future of church creativity?

Ross Montgomery
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Published 03/27/18

W e recently spoke with Luke McElroy for the CRTVCHURCH Podcast. Luke is the visionary of SALT Conferences and founder of Orange Thread Media, the parent company to Orange Thread Live Events and TripleWide Media. He is the author of several books including most recently released Creative Potential: Principles for Unleashing Your God-Given Calling.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time on the podcast to feature our entire conversation. However, some things are too good to be left wasting away on a hard drive.

Here is our cut-for-time interview with Luke:




Q. What kind of advice or insight would you give to someone looking to pull people they want to have into their circle and collaborate? How do you find those quality people that you want to have side by side with you?


I think it starts with encouragement.

If you’re having a tough time finding a collaborative environment or you’re having a tough time surrounding yourself with great, excellent people, then you’ve got to first start by encouraging others.

Jon Acuff said: “You can’t ask strangers for favors. Ask Strangers for friendships and ask friends for favors.”

I would say that that same concept is valid when building a community. You see, we want a community around us so that they can help us become better in our calling, but no one is going to invest into your life until they know that you’re willing to invest into their life.


Q. What are some things you see as you look to the future of church creativity?


I think we’ve got to figure out how to use storytelling more. And then I’m also going to challenge us to say we’ve got to figure out how to use church streaming in a way that doesn’t distance people from a community.

Going to church is scary, right? There’s a lot of fear and anxiety for a newcomer to come to your church. So, I think technology is a powerful tool for the gospel. I believe that streaming in the church is great because it gives outsiders a means to “test drive” your church. It’s a way for them to experience being at your service before actually going to a service.




But, are we somewhat destroying the body of Christ that existed in the church?

How do we instead use storytelling to be the front door of our church rather than streaming? Streaming gives people an easy out to not attend and not engage with our church. We’ve got to start thinking about how do we engage people, how do we use technology, creativity, to increase engagement rather than increase isolation.


Q. What’s something you’re reading, watching, listening to right now that you’re really into?


Well, obviously writing this book has taken me out of a lot of content consumption.

For me, I realized that the reason I don’t create content is that I consume so much. If anybody’s listening to this going, “Man, I wish I could write a book, or I wish I could start a blog, or I wish I could start an Instagram profile that would help people or a Youtube channel, or whatever.”

My first piece of advice would be to turn off Netflix. When you’re consuming everybody else’s content, it’s virtually impossible to be creating your own.

My pastor says sometimes he thinks that our culture is so obsessed with watching someone else’s reality that we never step into our reality.

However, there is a book out there called Content Inc by Joe Pulizzi that’s got me going. And then another one called Last Arrow by Erwin McManus.




Q. Okay, last question here… Is your favorite color orange?


{laughs} Did you have someone prepping you with this question? So the truth of the matter is I should say yes, but it’s probably not.

I wear orange every day, and that’s just a fun fact. However, the reason I love the color orange is it means so much to at our company, Orange Thread.

Orange is a picture of collaboration; there are two parts of the color orange — red and yellow.

So, orange represents I’m red, I’m dead, my sin, but Jesus Christ is the “sun” of the world… I know this gets cheesy, really quick. So, you have this blood, red and you have this sun, yellow, and when you merge those two things, there’s this beautiful picture of orange.

I have to be true to the calling that God’s has for me, but I also have to be true to what the authority of God is in my life.

So, for me it’s just a reminder, when you’re ever living outside of the authority of God, you’re red, you’re dead. When you’re ignoring that you have a role and you are getting lazy, you’re all yellow. It helps me just internally remind myself that there’s a balance to this life thing.

That’s why I love orange, but to be honest with you, I would probably argue that my favorite color is blue.


Make sure to check out the CRTVCHURCH Podcast 017: Luke McElroy to hear the rest of our conversation with Luke. Also, check out his new book Creative Potential: Principles for Unleashing Your God-Given Calling.


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Nik is a content creator living in Orlando, Florida. In 2015, he and his wife, Lydia, founded CRTVCHURCH to bring fellow church creators together. You can hear Nik every week on the CRTVCHURCH Podcast. 


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