Josh Sorenson



Q: Can you start off by telling us a little bit about you and what you do?


My name is Josh Sorenson; I grew up in a suburb of Chicago called Northwest Indiana. In preschool, I was the top of my class… Oh, we don’t need to go that far back?

Now I’m living in Florida just south of Fort Myers; it’s a dream come true as a sunset fanatic. I sometimes joke that words of affirmation, bacon, and sunsets are the ways to my heart. In the new year, I am starting working with the awesome people at Church Media Company designing graphics for churches all across America. When I’m not at work, you will probably find me out on a local beach flying my drone around sunset.


Q: Where are you in life right now and how does that affect what you create?


I’d say I’m at a point where I’m finally flushing out my style. Learning what it is that I enjoy creating and what recharges me creatively. I think when you can eventually find that balance is when you start building your best work… Or at least the work you are happiest with yourself.


Q: Tell us one of your most memorable stories working as a designer:


I think one of them would have to be 5 or 6 years ago, I had just started out with photography and somehow had landed myself a gig as a band photographer. Now the band I was shooting for was opening for a more well-known band at House of Blues in Chicago, well I wasn’t 21, yet so I wasn’t allowed in the green rooms, so I was mostly wondering around the venue. Well, I made the fatal mistake of walking outside, when I tried to get back in… they, of course, had no clue who I was nor did I have a ticket. I had entered through the loading dock with the band, so I hadn’t needed one.

After talking to the ticket box they could not let me in, so I had to get ahold of one of the band members to come and get me. The pictures from the night were excellent, but boy did I think I was not making it back up there for the show.


Q: Describe one thing you wish everyone knew about design:


I wish that more people knew what each program was good for in the Adobe Suite. I think most people learn Photoshop and stop there; they never learn Indesign or Illustrator and what those tools can do to improve your work.


Q: Describe what keeps you going + creating:


I think the biggest thing that keeps me going is knowing that something I create with the gifts God has given me could just lead somebody to their Savior. My artwork itself may not lead someone to Jesus, but I pray that God uses it as a tool in the process.


Q: Describe your work + life balance:


This is a hard one for me, I haven’t found that balance yet, but I am working to perfect it. If anyone has tips, please send me a 500+ word message on Facebook or Instagram.


Q: Can you describe where you find your inspiration?


I find most of my inspiration searching through Creative Market; I won’t straight up steal things. But I think it’s always good to go to the source where people are purchasing items to figure out what is in and what is trending right now.


Q: Did you go to school for this? If so, are you satisfied with having gone or not gone?


Yes and no, I went to school for leadership and my internship, while I was in college, was for media. Though I don’t feel like I took a class in design or video, It’s all God gifted, and self-taught. There were some excellent designers and video guys that poured into me at the college though, a big shout out to Josh Carter & Josh Boston at James River Church. You guys let me sit and watch and ask questions more than you probably wanted me to.


Q: Describe your typical gear list? + What is one tool you could not live without?


Camera wise I love my trusty Canon 6D with the Nifty Fifty, funny story that camera has ridden 7 miles on top of my car and fallen off on a highway and still survived. That alone is why I will forever be a canon guy, though Sony is better for video.

Then my go to drone is the Mavic Pro, love the fact I can toss it in my camera bag and run to the beach to take shots of the sunset on a whim.


Q: What is your least favorite thing about design?


I’d have to say anytime I don’t get content in time, or when I feel rushed in the process. I know some of the best things are made under pressure. But there still needs to be freedom given for creativity.


Q: What is something you haven’t done yet, that you’ve always wanted to do?


I’ve always wanted to travel more; I want to see the world a little more and go outside the USA at some point.


Q: What is one piece of advice that you keep with you at all times?


My teacher once looked at me straight in the eye and said: “Josh, you can impact people whether or not you are working in the church.” That statement has stuck with me since she said it, it means a lot to me still to this day because shortly after that I’d be working for a print shop instead of a church, but I could always make a difference.

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