How To Develop Confidence In Your Creative Calling

Luke McElroy
Author + Visionary of SALT

Published 04/02/18

S everal years ago Adobe researched how many people, around the world, felt like they were living up to their creative potential. The result was astonishing. Adobe’s research concluded that 75% of people didn’t believe they were living up to their potential creatively.

This study got me thinking, how many people, who serve in the creative areas of the church, have this same feeling? And how do we find confidence in our God-given purpose?

As creatives, it’s easy to listen to the world around us and take their advice more than the word of God. I don’t believe we hear the world intentionally, but rather by accident. The voice of the world is much louder in the chaotic pursuit of our creative calling.

As I was writing and preparing for my latest book Creative Potential: Principles for Unleashing Your God-Given Calling, I discovered a few ways to have more confidence in the calling God had given me.


1. Confidence in The Cross.


Paul writes in Galatians, “It’s for freedom that Christ has set us free… do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

The impact of genuinely understanding that sentence will free us from so much doubt in our creativity. Because doubt is just another form of bondage in the creative process. Christ died on the cross so that you would unleash the fullness of your life’s calling. He died so you could step into your purpose. He died so you would use your gifts to unlock eternity for someone else. God didn’t give us a purpose of keeping us busy, but to fulfill His promises in the world! So run with the cross behind you. Run with confidence that Christ died so you could step into your calling.




2. Confidence in Being You.


As we step into our calling, there will be a temptation to compare ourselves to every other person in the creative space. You’ll begin to say and think like this: “He can tell the story better than I can.” or “She can design better than I can.” and the mere concept of comparing yourself to others has the chance of robbing your future potential. When we compare and want the talent or ability that someone else has, we say to god that what he created isn’t good enough. Instead, rest in the knowledge that you are a part of the “chosen people” that 1 Peter 2:9 talks about. In doing so, we’ll begin to see that God delights more in the you that you are than the you that you’re trying to become!


3. Confidence in Our Craft


With the popularity of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and nearly every other form of social media, you’ll easily connect with other creators of your same medium. Filmmakers can follow other great filmmakers on Vimeo. Interior designers can appreciate other fellow designers through sharing Pinterest boards; the list goes on. But this enables terrible creative behavior because it’s so easy to copy what others are doing. It’s unfortunate behavior because you’ll get away with it for a while. But when it comes to your God-given calling, you can’t “fake it until you make it.” We must have confidence in the medium that God has predetermined for our lives. 1 Thessalonians 5:24 says “The one who calls us is faithful, but He will also do it.” So if God calls you to something, this tells us that it’s not up to us to “do” all the work in that calling, He’s going to do it through us. But if we don’t have confidence in our craft, we’ll never allow God to partake in the doing that 1 Thessalonians talks about. We’ll rob God of using us the way He wants to use us.




4. Confidence in The Unknown.


Lastly, as you start to step into the creative process, and begin to unleash a bit of your creative potential, you’ll face an inevitable temptation to franchise or commercialize an idea that worked before. We do this because it’s not risky to try something new, but instead to repeat the creative angle, story, medium, etc. of what worked in the past. It could be a set design, a new song, a graphic style or even a filmmaking technique. But resist that urge and have confidence in the unknown once again. Knowing that God will provide the clarity of the next step, one step at a time is imperative to recognize that the unknown isn’t as scary since He’s right beside us. Matthew 6:34 says “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.” When we worry about what tomorrow is and try to replicate today, we’ll never allow God to do a work within us that is needed for us to continue to increase the capacity of our craft.

I hope you see that God has an incredible purpose for your life. Find confidence in your call as you work on these key areas, because you have a purpose and a calling in your life, that no one else on this earth has. Moreover, I pray that you draw closer to God in your pursuit of your calling. Because God wants to do life with you more than watch you do your life.




Luke McElroy

Luke is the founder and visionary behind Orange Thread Media, the parent company to Orange Thread Live EventsTripleWide Media, and the creative arts community known by SALT Community.


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