How Do We Deal With Those Who Don’t Get What We Do?


Nik Goodner Writer + Creator of CRTVCHURCH

Published 07/24/18


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Sorry to break it to you… But, as any professional creator knows: creativity is not magic. Being creative is no accident, it is the result of planning, preparation, and dedication.

However, people around you can misinterpret your awesomeness and assume creators are nothing, but wizards who say a few words + wave a mouse (or Apple Pen) and… BOOM! Something incredible happens!

That’s a real tension. You see, we all know it’s hard work to be a creator but how do you deal with those who don’t understand?

Whether you’re a freelancer, church creative, entrepreneur, or designer, you’re probably thrilled to have such a dope gig. But, it can tick you off when people doubt your work ethic, employment status, or refer to what you do as “play.”

It’s very common for people like us in non-traditional job roles to experience this kind of judgment, however, instead of going on the defense, here are some steps to better your relationship with people who don’t quite get what you do:

1. Don’t expect them to: a lot of our disappoint lies in our expectations. We assume people get that it is hard work to be an artist, but they don’t, just as we don’t understand the many facets and stresses of other people’s work.

2. Don’t apologize for who you are: when we feel like people don’t understand what we do, we can become insecure. That insecurity can hold us back, therefore, just because someone doesn’t get your work (even people close to you) don’t feel sorry for who God has created you to be.

3. Express your feelings: if you feel people don’t get what you do or they mock what you’re doing and that frustrates you, let them know and talk it out.

4. Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from certain people: THIS IS AN EXTREME… and it is a very rare move. But, if you feel someone is relentlessly undermining you, then it might be time to walk away from that relationship in a respectful, gracious, and loving way.

5. Find your tribe: get with folks that do understand you + what you do and build a support system.

Next time someone tries to question your professional value don’t get upset and go on the defensive, instead, remember these steps and work to better your relationship with others.



Nik Goodner

Nik is the founder of CRTVCHURCH, owner of, and host of the CRTVCHURCH Podcast.


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