By bringing church creatives together, we discuss more than the future trends of church creativity — but how Christ centered creativity transforms your life.

CRTVCHURCH ONE DAY x FT. WORTH provides a space where you can connect with like-minded church creatives while drawing inspiration from the vulnerability and transparency of prominent church creative leaders.

During CRTVCHURCH ONE DAY x FT. WORTH, you will be challenged to reimagine how you think about creativity at your church and be empowered with practical knowledge to help you grow as a creative leader. You will leave filled with passion, unique ideas, and new friends + family.




Nik Goodner


Nik Goodner lives to empower church creatives to be confident with who they are and what they create. He is passionate about building authentic community among local churches and has an undying love for all things Disney.

Nik has spent a lifetime helping churches and lends his unique insight to creative leaders across the world through CRTVCHURCH.


Chari Orozco

Voice of I cRy In Corners | Author of nomad

Chari Orozco is part of Celebration Creative and serves on the global communications team at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida. She is passionate about positively impacting the lives of those around her.

Chari has also teamed up with the CRTVCHURCH to launch, I CRY IN CORNERS. This show is designed to encourage those navigating leadership, ministry, creativity, and all the awkward life stuff in the middle.


Jasmine Tate

Creative coach + Singer/Songwriter

Jasmine Tate is a creatives’ mentor, speaker, artist and worship leader based in Fort Worth, TX.

Since starting her musical journey in 2010, she has carried a deep conviction to see the Kingdom of Heaven advanced in the earth through creativity. She’s spent the last several years traveling America to equip creatives and teach communities to think differently about their creative mandate, while continuing to produce and release songs of substance along the way.


Jonathan Malm

Author + Entrepreneur + FOunder of

Jonathan’s an author and entrepreneur who loves helping churches. He runs and

His books include The Come Back Effect and Unwelcome, both geared toward helping churches create repeat-visit experiences.


Joe Cavazos

Designer + FOunder of

Joe Cavazos is an artist and graphic designer living in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

Through the years, Joe has worked with brands and organization, both small and large, along with running his faith-based brand, Sunday Social.

A large part of Joe’s work has derived from self-intuited personal work. He enjoys sharing his process and knowledge with other creatives.

Kevin Daughtery

Founder of Yellowbox

Kevin’s been doing this ministry thing for over 25 years. And he’s passionate—not only about the church, but about strong and purposeful design. After all, God has graced us with an intrinsic ability to create. To design beauty from nothing. To write, draw, build, sing and dance for something and Someone bigger than ourselves.

Leading operations, Kevin is crucial to the daily work of Yellowbox. He keeps our creative team running smoothly and efficiently, inspiring us on the daily.


Tres Garner

Creative Director of yellowbox

Painter, designer and strategist (with a passion for the local church) Tres directs the creative team and ensures every project we tackle excels in excellence while simultaneously inspiring the next project.

From leading teams of 50+ to serving his small local church, Tres believes this: people are designed for more and creativity is the vehicle to influencing culture.