Take a look at the all-new CRTVCHURCH branding.


March 19, 2019 // NIK GOODNER

Take a look at the all-new CRTVCHURCH branding.


Rebrand is a big word that we don’t like to toss around lightly. Even though we are technically ‘rebranding’ CRTVCHURCH it’s more of a refocusing. So, refocusing? Can that be a thing even if you are changing some of the visuals? I don’t know… Let’s find out!

When we launched CRTVCHURCH in 2015, we didn’t have a definitive plan for what we wanted to do with the platform. We had a ton of ideas… I mean a TON OF IDEAS!

Throughout our (almost) four years, we tested out each of those individual ideas. Ideas like CRTVCRATES and CRTVSOURCE have found their way onto our trash heap.

Last year, we decided to try and blend our online community with an online publication; we thought we could offer a better media source for the church creative sphere.

Nevertheless, those ideas didn’t pan out, and we were starting to feel like failures. However, what felt like a failure after failure, was a necessary practice to get us to this point.

As creatives, we have ALL THESE AMAZING IDEAS which come with preconceived notions and expectations of how things should succeed. The only way for us to achieve as creatives is by expressing, testing, and experimenting with our ideas to get them out of our system.

Some ideas don’t come to life, but in our experience, it’s more comfortable for a creative knowing you tried and failed, than living in the world asking yourself: ‘what could have been?’

All this testing and experimenting led us to Two questions… *inhales deeply* WHO THE H*CK ARE WE AND WHAT THE FR*CK ARE WE DOING HERE?

In August of 2018, we set out to answer that question, and after several hours of praying, questioning, evaluating, we arrived at this conclusion: We are here to inspire, equip, and lead church creatives to be real with who they are and what they create.

Unfortunately, that is a little long for a mission statement, in my opinion. Simply put: We inspire every church creative to be uniquely creative.

Pressing on a little further, we see CRTVCHURCH as a ministry. We are a FULL-TIME community for ALL church creatives.

Wait. What do you mean FULL-TIME community?

We’re not here to pop into your lives when we have a new event or product to hustle. We are here for you always creating content and designing opportunities for you to connect with other church creatives. In a way, we are a church for church creatives.

With all that, we aim to bring church creatives together and curate creativity to challenge you to be real with who you are and what you create.

Because when you are who GOD intended you to be, you’re going to innovate, you’re going to connect better with your community, and you’re going to change the lives of those around you.

Being uniquely you means you’re going to be a better creative.

All that said, let’s talk about how our ‘refocusing’ has had a minor impact on our visuals.

When we thought about this idea of being ‘uniquely creative,’ we thought about the ways we can make our branding visuals unique to us.

That thought process made us realize what makes us unique isn’t our icon. It is our name, and its spelling: CRTVCHURCH. Therefore, we are removing the icon from our branding.

Another element we decided was unique to us was our colors: black + white. Primarily black. We have always loved those two colors because it allows us to be prominent when we want and fade into the background when featuring our community.

Aside from the name + the colors, we are taking a ‘nothing sacred’ approach to our branding. We want to be able to change type and type layouts as we see fit.

To wrap everything up, let’s take a quick look at the focuses of CRTVCHURCH for the next year.

  1. CRTVMINS PODCAST: We are introducing a new show to the CRTVCHURCH PODCAST NETWORK: CRTVMINS.

    The CRTVMINS PODCAST is hosted by myself, Nik Goodner. This show is for creatives in a hurry. Each week I’ll take a few minutes to Jesus-Juke creativity.

    Our purpose for this podcast is to remind creatives that we are spiritual beings positioned by GOD to bring the secular and the holy together to bring people far from GOD into a relationship with HIM.

  2. CRTVCHURCH ONE DAYS are an opportunity for church creatives to connect with other church creatives to explore the intersection of our faith and creativity to discover what makes us uniquely creative.

    In 2019, we will be hosting FIVE events all over the U.S. in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Orlando, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Destin, Florida.

    Each event will be customized to benefit the host region with a handful of speakers + sessions remaining the same. To learn more, hop to our event page here.

  3. CRTVCHURCH MEETUP: We are still playing this one close to the chest, but I love announcing things, so I’ll give it a tease.

    Coming soon we will be introducing an opportunity for members in our community to host a CRTVCHURCH branded event for the creatives in their community.

    That’s all I’ll say about that for now. But, if you’d like to know more then email me here.

In addition to those three focuses, we are going to continue focusing on featuring creatives and developing our CRTVCHURCH DEVOS.

That said, we know what our goals are, we know what we hope to accomplish, and believe me, this is the most exciting and challenging assignment we have ever set out to accomplish here at CRTVCHURCH.

Nik Goodner