March 19, 2019 // NIK GOODNER

OUr Promise: We are for all voices.


CRTVCHURCH's 2018 Survey revealed our community is 68% MALE and 32% FEMALE. Our IG Insights confirmed those numbers are off by only 1% (69% MALE and 31% FEMALE).

We asked on CRTVCHURCH's IG feed if the gender gap in church leadership was a problem and it was the most divided response: 59% YES + 41% NO.

The majority of those who said YES were WOMEN!
The majority of those who said NO were MEN!

Googling for studies with a broader response to those questions, you're going to find several articles about whether or not women even belong in church leadership.

In other studies, women make up THE MAJORITY of churches, and many church plant coaches will still advise: 'If you get the women, you get the family.' 🙄

IF women belong in the church, then WOMEN BELONG IN CHURCH LEADERSHIP.

IF we exclude a voice at our decision-making table — whether that is race, age, ethnicity, or gender — we MISS the heart of GOD!

GOD sent HIS son FOR ALL creation.

HIS church is FOR ALL people.

Therefore, ALL VOICES should be represented in our church leadership.

At CRTVCHURCH, solving this problem is priority one. In 2019 we will START by:

  1. Feature artists of different genders equally.

  2. Be intentional about the demographics of our volunteer teams.

  3. We are adding another female voice to our podcast launching in the Spring.

TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR TABLE if everyone around it looks like you, then IT IS TIME TO ADD SOME NEW CHAIRS!

Nik Goodner