INSPIRing every Church creative* to be uniquely creative.

*If you’re breathing, you’re creative.



Most church creatives find themselves living and creating in a vacuum. Why? Because it's easy to isolate yourself when you're working to balance your life, your ever-growing task list, and the inescapable flow of Sundays.

In isolation, we can become self-centered, disengaged, and our relationship with others can deteriorate.

However, a community pushes us to be better by helping us identify our unique purpose and collaborate with others to see ideas from a fresh creative lens.

If we're EVER going to be uniquely creative, then we HAVE TO fight isolation by intentionally seeking community.

CRTVCHURCH makes it easy for church creatives to engage with other church creatives by creating events + online platforms to bring us all together.



We infuse our values into everything that we do as a community. These values dictate our mission and guide the future of CRTVCHURCH.

01. We are all about the CAPITAL CHURCH.

The church down the road is not your competition; better together is not a slogan it is a mandate from GOD.

02. We exercise CREATIVITY by leveraging our problems to create beautiful solutions.

Creativity is not limited to the arts; it is native to all humans.

03. We include ALL VOICES at the decision-making table.

GOD sent HIS son for all creation; CRTVCHURCH is for all people.

04. We strive for AUTHENTICITY.

GOD created us to be real; being fake destroys our art, our relationships, and our influence.

05. We don’t allow GOOD ideas to distract us from GOD ideas.

Simplicity is our nature; every new idea is carefully considered before pursuing.


Everything we’re doing //

We’re not embarrassed, we have a lot going on, and it can be hard to keep it all straight, below is a list of everything CRTVCHURCH is doing as a community platform that you can be involved in together


CRTVCHURCH ONE DAYS are an opportunity for church creatives to connect with each other to explore the intersection of our faith + creativity and discover what makes us uniquely creative.


Our CRTVCHURCH GROUP is an online community for church creatives that allows a space for respectful, open, and honest conversation about creativity, the church, and culture.


CRTVCHURCH DEVOS are not your average devotional. We blend practical creative advice with our faith giving church creatives a fresh perspective on their role and unique purpose in their church.


The I CRY IN CORNERS PODCAST is hosted by Chari Orozco. This show is designed to encourage those navigating leadership, ministry, creativity, and all the awkward life stuff in the middle.


The CRTVMINS PODCAST is hosted by Nik Goodner. This show is for creatives in a hurry. Each week Nik takes a few minutes to Jesus-Juke creativity.