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A Highlight Ranking of the 2018 Super Bowl Commercials

Let’s rank some advertisements.



The game is over, and the birds beat the blue team.

Let’s rundown some commercials.


Rules of the list:


We do have some rules, you know to make this “fair.”

1. Keep in mind; this is all subjective.
2. We are excluding film and television series trailers.
3. We don’t understand the correlation between babies and T-Mobile, so we’re not putting it on the list.
4. We are excluding local commercials… duh.
5. This is not the entire Super Bowl ad catalog; we are only pulling the highlights, then ranking those.


First Words:


This year’s advertisements were unique. While the majority didn’t try to challenge cultural and political issues with sixty-second commentary, one did challenge all standard marketing practices.

Of course, that one being The Cloverfield Paradox. However, that one will not be ranking in the list below, because we are excluding movie trailers. Therefore, we need to set it aside and talk about the brilliance behind this ad campaign before diving into the rankings.


The Cloverfield Paradox


The Cloverfield franchise is known for pushing the marketing standard.

Back in 2007, J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot surprised moviegoers at their local Transformers screenings with the trailer for a “secret project.” The trailer was simple: the handheld camera shots show young party goers, then suddenly festivities are interrupted by explosions, earthquakes, and a terrifying roar. After a few brief shots of frantic screaming and running, the camera shows the decapitated head of the Statue of Liberty rolling down a Manhattan street. It ends with no title, just a release date of “1-18-08.” All that sent the internet into a frenzy, speculating what monster movie was about to be released?! Of course, that film was eventually released and the title: Cloverfield.

Then again in 2016, 10 Cloverfield Lane went with a cryptic viral marketing campaign that turned out to be a puzzle that included something called Swamp Pop… The likes of which this writer still doesn’t quite grasp.

Both genius ad moves, but nothing like Super Bowl 2018.

In the dark of night – I’m assuming – Netflix managed to snag up the film rights to The Cloverfield Paradox, which had a THEATRICAL release date of this weekend that Paramount had already moved to later this year on April 20th (I’m assuming to throw us off the scent). Cutting to the chase, Netflix shows the trailer during the Super Bowl fans of the Cloverfield franchise raise their eyebrows, then a title card flashes: “Only on Netflix TONIGHT” at that point minds implode, and the internet blows up… (at least that how it plays out in my mind).

Netflix and Cloverfield have given us what we’ve all been waiting for… Practically instant gratification!

And, folks… I’m calling it… The BEST marketing move of 2018 and we are only two months into the year!

With that being said, let’s rank some ads:


12. M&Ms | “Human”


11. Tourism Australia | “Dundee”


10. Jeep | Jurassic Jeep


9. Jack in the Box | “#JACKvsMARTHA”


8. E*TRADE | “This is Getting Old”


7. Dodge | “Built to Serve”


6. NBC | “Winter Olympics Best of U.S.”



5. Doritos v. Mountain Dew | “Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman”


4. Amazon | “Alexa Loses Her Voice”


3. NFL | “Touchdown Celebrations to Come”


2. Tide | “It’s A Tide-Ad”


1. Toyota | “Good Odds”


Well… What do you think? Do you agree with our list? Let us know by accessing the thread in the CRTVTALKS group on Facebook.


Nik Goodner

Content creator + founder of CRTVCHURCH


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