5 Creatives You Should Totally Be Following in August?


Nik Goodner Creator of CRTVCHURCH

Published 08/07/18


Instagram is one of the best platforms for connecting people especially those with a visual disposition. Every day the CRTVCHURCH Instagram account interacts with thousands of different artists, creators, and church leaders.

We get the unique pleasure of featuring these creatives on the daily, but on occasion, a user’s grid stops our scroll faster than others… Therefore, we’ve compiled a short list of creatives you should be following for August 2018!

These names are in no particular order or reading and are all great, highly talented creators!


Ashley Ulmer



Ashley Ulmer is a freelance graphic artist born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has been in the design industry since 2007, and her heart breathes in lines and shapes. She falls more and more in love with Christ each day, she is married to her best friend, and together they are raising their three boys.

Q. Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by music, vintage colors, 90’s nostalgia, traditional tattoo artists, and scripture. I love thick lines, minimalism, and am inspired by home decor, textures, and design.

Q. How would you describe your work?

The majority of my career has been designing in the apparel and screen printing industry, and I’ve always loved working with minimal colors, and my medium of choice is Adobe Illustrator. I like imperfections in design and believe a piece doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.


John Stephen



John Stephen is a twenty-six-year-old from Valdosta, Georgia who works professionally as a writer at a university and does graphic design as a creative outlet and side hustle. After studying journalism in college and working briefly as a reporter, John discovered graphic design out of the blue a couple of years ago when his church’s designer offered a crash course in Photoshop. He’s been hooked ever since, learning more and more on his own and turning his latest hobby into some regular freelance work along the way.

Q. Who or what inspires you?

I’m an emotional designer, so I gain inspiration from things that create an atmosphere and make me feel something — epic movies, stunning photographs, and all kinds of music. (My favorite way to design is to put on my fave music and zone out in Photoshop.)

And then, of course, I also get SO MUCH inspiration and just general creative motivation from Insta. My faves kind of fall into four categories:

Graphic designers: @j.larroc @magdiellop @ptrckalex @mjidlewine (and of course the heavyweights like @dngcreative and @dustincoopergraphics)
Hand letterers: @1924house @george.cibu @benjohnstondesign @brandonmikelpaul @theaboarddude @sarah_rebtine @stefankunz
Photographers: @benjaminhardman @kuhrmarvin @bastifbr
UI/UX designers: @thebeeest @dailywebdesign

Q. How would you describe your work?

Clean, minimal, emotional, colorful, modern.


Cory Romeiser



Cory Romeiser is twenty-five, married to the fantastic Olivia Romeiser, he does a skateboard ministry called Catch Wind Skate Ministries and has been doing graphic design and hand lettering for about four years.

Q. Who or what inspires you?

There is a guy named Jacob Morgan that I have followed for a while who has inspired me a lot. He does hand lettering and has designed for some big names like Social Club and Lecrae. This past year he put a challenge out called #dayinaword to create 365 lettering pieces this year. So I took this challenge, and it has been a fantastic growth opportunity!

Q. How would you describe your work?

The “type” of work that I do is vintage hand done typography with traditional tattoo inspiration. In the past, I did all my job in my notebook and then finished it in my computer, but now it is mostly all done on my iPad in Procreate.


Richie Sullivan



Richie is twenty-six years old, recently married, and a full-time visual artist for Journey Church, a multi-site Church based in Kenosha, Wisconson. In his spare time, he loves getting to do freelance work for other churches and small businesses.

He always loved drawing and art growing up, but didn’t discover graphic design until later in his high school years.

After high school, he ended up attending Focus One, a gap year program in Rockford, Illinois. That led him to do three years as a student ministries intern at City First Church. As a student ministries intern, he was able to learn more about graphic design and was given more responsibility. With that, he was asked to do stay the following year, interning in their media department.

Because of his experience, it led him to his job at Journey Church where he does most of the print and design work around the church, and most graphics for their social media accounts.

Q. Who or what inspires you?

Most of the time I find myself inspired by other artists either on social media, art-based websites or in magazines; not just in churches but in mainstream media as well. While working on a project, I usually try to look at what other artists are doing, collaborate from it, and then put my twist on it.

A lot of times I find myself inspired just by listening to music as well. Sometimes I see myself trying to replicate what others are doing too much. So finding an excellent new playlist, album or artist helps me zone out, mess around, and see what I can come up with.

Q. How would you describe your work?

I love giving different styles of art a shot, from hand lettering things, vector art to photo manipulation; but I think for the most part my style is either a twist on modern grunge or just pure, clean and bold.


Ryan McQuade



Ryan McQuade is a graphic designer for Life Teen International. Combining his skills for traditional art mediums and graphic design he hopes to create art that invigorates and inspires the Church. With sincere love and respect for the artistic tradition of the Church, Ryan hopes to carry on that tradition to a new generation eager to hear the Gospel in a “language” they understand.

Q. Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by the lives of the saints and the Virgin Mary. I honestly am on Pinterest everyday pinning anything from punk band posters to Bernini statues.

A few artists I am always inspired by are Ruff Mercy, Sainer, Tonyriff, and Tanner Alex Cook.

Q. How would you describe your work?

I hope my art is honest, an exciting blend of traditional materials and digital tools and ultimately shows a side of Christianity that we don’t see a lot of devotional images.




Nik Goodner

Nik is the creator of CRTVCHURCH, the owner of Goodnerds Design Co., he also dabbles in writing + speaking.


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