5 Creatives You Should Totally Be Following in June

Nik Goodner
Writer + Creator of CRTVCHURCH

Published 06/06/18

I nstagram is one of the best platforms for connecting people especially those with a visual disposition. Every day the CRTVCHURCH Instagram account interacts with thousands of different artists, creators, and church leaders.

We get the unique pleasure of featuring these creatives on the daily, but on occasion, a user’s grid stops our scroll faster than others… Therefore, we’ve compiled a short list of creatives you should be following for June 2018!

These names are in no particular order or reading and are all great, highly talented creators!


1. Kayla Harris


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Kayla Harris is a 22-year-old creative based in Jacksonville, FL. She currently works on staff at Celebration Church as a graphic designer. She believes her main purpose in life is to advance the kingdom of God creatively. Her style of work is clean and minimal and her primary craft is design, specifically print, but photography is a very close second.


2. Tanner Alex Cook


Tanner Alex Cook has been a graphic designer for about six years and has been on staff at his home church — The Pentecostals of Alexandria in Alexandria, Louisana — for most of those six years, in addition to jumping into freelance design last year. He’s inspired by the design of the 50s-60s and always tries to give a “timeless” feel to his work.




3. Jacob Boyles


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Jacob Boyles’s work is driven by typography being the forefront of every piece. He’s not much of an illustrator, so he typically builds illustrations with simple lines. He believes balance is the key to every good design and that’s what he strives to create. He would classify his style as a typographical. As much as he loves to work with clean type and simple lines he also loves to work with textures and grunge… finding that beauty in the mess.




4. Casey Olson


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Casey is an artist fueled by the belief that her creative work is an opportunity to co-create with God to bring forth beauty into the world. Her work is defined by her belief that Creativity is God’s and her role is to be a collaborator. She is currently employed as a graphic designer at Life Teen International where her skill set is being used to reach youth culture and lead young people closer to Christ.


5. Jacob Hoal


Jacob Hoal has been a worship guitarist and keys player for years but he’s only been doing graphic design since Fall 2017.

He started to notice just how impactful good graphic design and branding is to someone’s experience, whether it be in Disney World or church. It visually communicates the identity. Graphic design is still a foreign concept to so many churches out there, including the ones he has served at. He saw a need and was curious about graphics so he dove into the deep end.

A big part of his inspiration to become a graphic designer came from watching how the teams at Vous Church design for their series/events. He loves their styles and has learned a lot from studying their material.

He likes eye-catching aesthetics. He likes the styles that force you to stop and study them. Visual interest is a big deal for Jacob. He loves off-grid designs and mixing up typography in different ways. But he never wants to put out graphics that are too “busy”. Sometimes the most eye-catching designs are the cleanest.

He is always in the process of learning and is still rather new to the graphics game. He’s learned to be content with where he’s at but also to strive to be better. In the words of Shuri, “Just because something works does not mean that it cannot be improved.”


Nik Goodner

Nik is a content creator living in Orlando, Florida. In 2015, he and his wife, Lydia, founded CRTVCHURCH to bring fellow church creators together. You can hear Nik every week on the CRTVCHURCH Podcast. 


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