25 Church Creative Departments You Need to Follow


by Nik Goodner on June 14, 2017


It’s no secret. CRTVCHURCH follows everyone, or at least as many people that Instagram will allow. (Darn you, following cap!)

Over the past years, we’ve fallen in love with some of our favorite church creative department’s Instagram accounts. One might even say, some of the accounts on this list are what inspired us to start showcasing church creativity!

A few things about this list:

  1. We based the list on current activity. All the accounts on the list have posted within the past year.
  2. They are in no particular order, and there are no rankings.
  3. We didn’t include everyone, unfortunately.

With those things in mind. Here are our picks:

1. NLC Creative

A post shared by NLC Creative (@nlccreative) on


2. Highlands Creative

3. Elevation Film

A post shared by Elevation Film (@elevationfilm) on

4. NewSpring Creative

5. Free Chapel Creatives

6. Hillsong Creative

7. Southeast Creative Arts

8. Celebration Creative

9. LCBC Creative

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10. The Crossing Creative


11. COTM Film

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12. Living Water Creative Arts

13. GCC Creative

A post shared by GCC CREATIVE (@gcccreative) on

14. Bethel Creative

15. OBC Creative

A post shared by OBC Creative (@obccreative) on

16. Celebration Technical Arts

17. Saddleback Visual Arts

18. The U at V (Victory Creative Arts)

A post shared by The U (@theuatvc) on

19. Red Rocks Creative

20. Fellowship Creative

21. Life.Church Media

22. North Point Media

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23. FreeChapelFilm

24. The Chapel Production

25. Central Production