I got a question the other day that I wanted to answer here:

What do I do about people who don’t get what I do?


1. Don’t expect people to get what you do.


A lot of our disappointment lies in our expectations. We assume people get that it is difficult to be a creative, but they don’t, just as we don’t understand the many facets and stresses of other people’s work, they don’t understand ours.


2. Don’t apologize for who you are.


When we feel like people don’t understand what we do, we can become insecure. That insecurity can hold us back from being real with ourselves, therefore, just because someone doesn’t get your work (even people close to you) don’t feel sorry for who God has created you to be.


3. Express your feelings.


If you’re frustrated when those around you don’t get what you do or they mock, let them know and talk it out.


4. Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from certain people.


THIS IS EXTREME… and it is a very rare move. But, if you feel someone is relentlessly undermining you, then it might be time to walk away from that relationship in a respectful, gracious, and loving way.


5. Find your tribe.


Get with people who understand you, what you do, and support it.

Never allow someone to limit you by their thoughts towards you.


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