I wasn’t always a good creative. I struggled with respecting leadership, especially when leadership didn’t value my opinions or artistic vision.

For a long time, I exhibited a lot of toxic behavior when in servant roles.

I tended to make my pastors (and clients) my enemy and their edits attacks on my creativity.

I was unhealthy.

Part of my toxicity came from holding onto my ideas too firmly, and another part came from disrespect.

I had to learn as creatives; we are called to serve our leadership to sacrifice our gifts and talents for the vision God has given them.

This sometimes means making changes twenty minutes before service. It can also mean throwing out months worth of work and starting from scratch two weeks before the due date.

Is that ideal? No. It’s a sacrifice.

Here’s the magic of that sacrifice: when we create with a positive attitude and with a servant’s heart, our leadership sees, and we begin to build relational equity with them.

Relational equity may take years of investment, it may also take one project, but once it is built, it’s easier for us to communicate with leadership and create ideal environments. Also, be trusted with more creative decision making power.

Now, there are hills I will die on, but for the most part, choosing to live a life of surrender has created better and stronger relationships with the people I work for.

Creatives. Your pastor is not your enemy.


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