10 Creatives You Need to Follow– June 2017


by Nik Goodner on July 12, 2017


As a creative, you should always keep your antennae up and be looking any and everywhere for creative inspiration. For a lot of us, we find that inspiration from other people. It’s another person’s artistic viewpoint that can help us to interpret our own.

And, it seems a lot of your already share that sentiment. Because we get this question a lot: Who do you follow for creative inspiration?

To be honest, we follow a mass of people. It’s tough to narrow it down to ten, so we’re not going to do that. Instead, at the beginning of each month, we are going to roll out a new list of the ten creatives we are following.

Here is our list – in no particular order – for July 2017:


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1. Sarah Rebtine

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2. Friks84

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3. Stefan Kunz

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4. Alex Fuller

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5. Jeremy Poland

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6. Andrey Galloso

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7. Ruben Precup

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8. Mitch Bolton

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10. Irmina Wolniak

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