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This week’s featured interview is with Stephen Posey.

Stephen is in his 18th year of marriage to his beautiful wife, Ruth. And they have three amazing, young children.

He’s been a part of Church on the Move for more than 20 years and has been on staff for 16 of those years. Now serving as the Content Pastor, Stephen leads series and message development for weekend services and content development for discipleship resources.

Alongside his buddies Brian Jobe and Lee Martin, Stephen is one of the co-founders of Mountain Men, a ministry with a mission to help men become better men through challenging mountain adventures with a small group focus.

The CRTVCHURCH Podcast crew also take a few minutes to talk about where Nik has left Emily’s Oreos, Jay Leno, the science behind being more creative, how Evernote’s CEO stays productive all week long and retiring at the age of thirty.

Our REPLY ALL question is: What would you do with the rest of your life if you could retire at an early age like 30 or 40?

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