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Stephen Brewster

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This week on the CRTVCHURCH PodcastStephen Brewster, creative and hustler-extraordinaire, and Nate + Rachel Parrish, husband and wife singer-songwriter duo from Bakersfield, California join us.

Stephen Brewster has had quite a career in music industry and ministry. He is currently the Executive Director of Creative Arts at Freedom House Church in Charlotte, North Carolina and the co-host of a new podcast hosted called Free to Lead with his pastor, Troy Maxwell. Stephen is a believer in the artist, who helps creatives be their best.

To keep up with Stephen, you can follow him on Twitter + Instagram or check out his website at StephenBrewster.me

Nate and Rachel Parrish, also join us on today’s show to talk about their career as singer-songwriters, the challenges they face when writing, and the heart behind their latest EPs “Scars” and “A Death Was Buried.”

To find out more about Nate and Rachel visit their website NateParrish.com and download their latest EPs on iTunes!


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Episode Music

  1. Fresh Washed Water Melons by New Wave Sounds
  2. What Did You Do For Me by PALA
  3. Max6 by PK
  4. The Try Hards by BOYLORD
  5. A Death Was Arrested by Nate + Rachel Parrish
  6. Scars by Nate + Rachel Parrish
  7. The Sound by Isaac Joel 


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